Fake Eyelashes for Pets? The in vogue social craze

People have always had fun dressing up their pets, or really doing anything to make them more human-like. Trends range from the glamorous to the plain bazaar. We all remember when people were polishing their pets’ nails, or carrying around their tiny little puppies in handbags.

The newest fashion in the world of aesthetic pet-enhancement is putting fake eyelashes on our furbabies. As everything does these days, this hit the social scenes and began with a tweet. A Japanese twit-tress posted a photo with fake eyelashes placed above her dog’s eyes, making it look confused, and yes, very cute. This photo became viral and spread so quickly that people around the world started to copy this idea.





Of course, some people are taking this trend a little too seriously and actually gluing fake eyelashes to their pet’s faces and eyelids, in an effort to enhance their look. What started as one girl’s funny way of recycling her old fake eyelashes has turned into a worldwide style. The two types of people that are doing this right now are people who, like the girl who started the trend, want to make their pets look funny, and people who want their pets to look more feminine and glamorous. No breed seems to be safe from this new fad. Dogs large and small are getting lashes, as well as cats, and we wouldn’t be surprised if it starts to take off here!


dog eye lash


dog lashesThis doesn’t seem to be something animal rights activists have to get involved with—yet. It could just be a funny way to give our pets a little bit of expression, but if taken too far, we could do some pretty serious danger. Eyes are a sensitive area attempting to place fake eyelashes around them can have dramatic consequences.



What are your thoughts on this interesting new pet trend? Will it catch on? And would you ever consider giving your pet this makeover? Or do you think it could constitute animal cruelty? Post your reply below



Keeping our pets safe this Valentines

We might not all have dates for Valentine’s Day, but the one unconditional love we can always count on is that from our pets! They’re much more than just an animal to take care of; for most they’re part of our families, always around to show their love and support and as pet owners we’ll do anything to make sure our beloved furbabies are safe and happy.

Our pets are so important to us that losing one can be a truly traumatising experience. Even the thought of losing a pet can bring about panic and pain. Not only do you feel a sense of deep loss, but there’s an unending feeling of worry in the back of your mind, wondering where they are and if they’re okay. Through putting up signs and contacting shelters, the uncertainty is one of the most difficult parts of grieving over a lost pet.

Luckily, this day in age, there are practical and affordable measures you can take to ensure your pets return home if they ever get away. Pet Keep tags allow anyone who finds them to use a smartphone to access vital information as well as alternate contact details about you and your pet. This information is easily updated by you and easily accessed by whomever finds your furbaby to ensure you or your relative are immediately contacted. Pet Keep tags are a simple and effective way help return your pets if they’re ever lost.

If you’ve experienced the loss of a pet or had a pet returned to you, please share your story. What do you think went right or wrong? Likewise, if you’ve ever found and returned a pet, feel free to share your experience as well. We all have to work together to make sure our pets and animals are taken care of.

So this Valentine’s Day, take every precaution to ensure the ones you really love are protected, starting with making sure they all have a way home!